I was asked by the guys at round-britain to come up with a logo, and kit for the first leg of their epic triathlon around the UK. First leg 2000+ mile Bike around England,… Continue reading

Dreamland – Opens to the public

After 4 years working on this project and a very intensive 2 weeks on site ‘pulling all-nighters’ as article by Curbed design journal explains, the Dreamland Pleasure Park opened it doors to the Public… Continue reading

[SYNERGY] A capsule collection

Designer: Megan Sadler     Garment + Print design: Megan Sadler Garment production: Megan Sadler Pattern cutting + production aid: Emily Hundt Photography: Sophie Evans Makeup: Georgia Caney Photo editing: Megan Sadler Exhibition install : Tom Denning

The EXHIBITION: [SYNERGY] Architecture + Fashion capsule

Exhibition review by Amy Tabarly: ”Designer Megan Sadler, who has worked with Paris Collective on Rhythm.Pattern.Texture. released [SYNERGY], a capsule collection merging architectural drawings and fashion. She is breathing new life into these extremely… Continue reading

[SYNERGY] View. 06 MAY

[SYNERGY] Capsule collection view

LAND OF DREAMS. The Dreamaker’s workshop. Dreamland, Margate

[SYNERGY] Architecture + Fashion

As part of a long running relationship with Fashion and Architecture, which began whilst I was at CSM and grew throughout my Architectural education and beyond; motivating me to spend time in various Fashion Houses… Continue reading

Dreamland Margate, Tickets go on sale to public

Graphical Alphabet prints Mary Katrantzou