Dreamland – Opens to the public

After 4 years working on this project and a very intensive 2 weeks on site ‘pulling all-nighters’ as article by Curbed design journal explains, the Dreamland Pleasure Park opened it doors to the Public… Continue reading

[SYNERGY] A capsule collection

Designer: Megan Sadler     Garment + Print design: Megan Sadler Garment production: Megan Sadler Pattern cutting + production aid: Emily Hundt Photography: Sophie Evans Makeup: Georgia Caney Photo editing: Megan Sadler Exhibition install : Tom Denning

The EXHIBITION: [SYNERGY] Architecture + Fashion capsule

Exhibition review by Amy Tabarly: ”Designer Megan Sadler, who has worked with Paris Collective on Rhythm.Pattern.Texture. released [SYNERGY], a capsule collection merging architectural drawings and fashion. She is breathing new life into these extremely… Continue reading

[SYNERGY] View. 06 MAY

[SYNERGY] Capsule collection view

LAND OF DREAMS. The Dreamaker’s workshop. Dreamland, Margate

[SYNERGY] Architecture + Fashion

As part of a long running relationship with Fashion and Architecture, which began whilst I was at CSM and grew throughout my Architectural education and beyond; motivating me to spend time in various Fashion Houses… Continue reading

Dreamland Margate, Tickets go on sale to public

Graphical Alphabet prints Mary Katrantzou

Land of Dreams starts to become reality

Work on the scenic railway is progressing see this time lapse video of the demolition works – September 2014